Hello Guys!!

Today i'll show you how to easily get Netflix Gift Cards and Others.
But there are few requirements you'll need.

  • High Speed Internet Connection / High Speed Connection RDP. I'll recommend you guys to use RDP because they have High Speed Internet Connection.
  • High End CPU 4+
First You'll Need Gift Card Generator. You Can Download From Here.
After the Completion Of Download You need Netflix Gift Card Checker By X-Risky. If you Don't Have The Checker then you can download From Here. Now you'll need Socks 4 Proxies. Collect Live Proxies As many as you can. You can get Proxies From :
After you collected Socks 4 Proxies. You'll need to check if the proxies are Live or Dead. If you have Downloaded my Proxy Tools there's a proxy checker which is fast af. If you haven't downloaded the you'll need to. If you have other checker also that will do.
Now i'll take you have downloaded all the tools and collected the socks 4 proxies. Now Open the Gift Card Generator. Now run any gift card generator. If you have run NetflixGCGen then Put the Pattern as LEQ or you can search in google for more. If you have run Gift card generator by MTSoft Then you don't need patterns. Generator the numbers of codes you want. I'll recommend you to use NetflixGCGen with pattern LEQ. Now for the result of generated Gift Cards it will be on the same folder in .txt format. 
Now for the checker :
  • Run NetFlix GC Checker by xRisky
  • Put the .txt file that contains codes in Combo
  • Choose Socks 4 as Proxy Type
  • Put Socks 4 in Proxies
  • Put 1000 Threads [ This is why you need High CPU + High Speed Internet Connection ]
That's It For Cracking Netflix Gift Card. Make sure You Subscribe to YouTube Channel and Join My Discord Server for more stuffs like this.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Cracking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cracking Is Not A Crime It's An Art

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